Flambeau On Mission To Continuously Improve

MADISON, GEORGIA - The transfer last month of a 15-pound blow molding press to the Flambeau facility in Madison has already improved operations. The former press had experienced regular breakdowns and was decommissioned and removed to make way for its replacement.

Having switched its focus years ago entirely to injection molding, Flambeau’s Columbus, Indiana, facility transferred the press to Madison to boost the plant’s blow molding production. It has increased the up-time of the plant and gives it added flexibility in providing manufactured plastic parts for Flambeau customers. For example, this month’s schedule started with a production run of console ducts for an industrial customer, then it began a production run of stock, second-tier automotive fluids tanks.

Earlier this year, Flambeau likewise invested significantly in its Madison operations, including the addition of two new presses. These machines are being utilized to increase production of a variety of stock and custom products for Flambeau’s fluids and packaging divisions.

Flambeau is a progressive company committed to customer satisfaction. A top manufacturer of plastic parts for automotive, consumer and industrial markets, Flambeau’s Madison plant is IATF and ISO-9001 Certified, with capabilities in high pressure injection and blow molding processes. Key customers of the Madison plant include John Deere, Caterpillar, JCB, Husqvarna, and Toro to name just a few.

Flambeau, Inc., a Nordic Group company established in 1947, is a thermoplastics manufacturer headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin. With certified facilities and sales offices throughout the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, and in China, Flambeau serves many retail and commercial markets, including contract manufacturing for key sectors of the automotive, industrial, medical, fluids, and packaging industries. For further information on Flambeau's capabilities, please visit www.flambeau.com.


Sonja Stauffacher, VP Administration, Flambeau, Inc.
608-355-6511 • [email protected]

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