ISO14001 Certifies Legacy of Responsible Practices

Flambeau, Inc.’s life-long legacy of commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices is now certified. Its company-wide environmental management system is now recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), with a new ISO 14001 designation for Flambeau’s manufacturing plants.

This achievement has not changed Flambeau’s core values in sustainability; the company has been an active steward of responsible environmental management since its founding – from electrical use, to waste disposal and recycling, to water use. However, the company welcomes this recognition at each of its manufacturing facilities around the world, which are now ISO 14001 certified under Flambeau’s multi-site certificate.

T.J. Greenwood, Engineer at Flambeau Technology Center, oversaw the company’s efforts to meet the ISO’s requirements, and with the assistance of Dion Beyer, Corporate Quality Manager, and the dedicated cooperation of several plant managers and their talented teams the company has been recognized for taking Flambeau’s sustainable standards further than ever.

Highly regulated customers, like those in the automotive industry, can now check the box that requires the use of ISO 14001 certified vendors. Also, all customers are now assured that Flambeau is continuously improving as it maintains these certifications and strives towards future goals and “green” initiatives, such as zero emissions.

“As a company, Flambeau lives a conservation ethos,” said Jason Sauey, Company President. “We believe in making the best use of resources regardless of the environment we are dealing in or the application we are serving.”

From the United States to Mexico to the United Kingdom, each Flambeau manufacturing plant now shares a common commitment to sustainability standards compliance, and responsibility for measurable and continual improvement.

Flambeau, Inc., a Nordic Group company established in 1947, is a thermoplastics manufacturer headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin. With certified facilities and sales offices throughout the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, and in China, Flambeau serves many retail and commercial markets, including contract manufacturing for key sectors of the automotive, industrial, medical, fluids, and packaging industries. For further information on Flambeau's capabilities, please visit


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