Since Qosina’s inception in 1980, the company has consistently stocked its core product, the slide clamp. It was the first component Qosina ever sold and remains one of its top-selling product lines.

In its first catalog nearly 40 years ago, Qosina featured six unique slide clamps. Through the years, the company has altered its slide clamp offering, adding new, innovative parts and removing obsolete ones. However, Qosina has consistently carried five of its original six slide clamps, proving that these components can stand the test of time.

Qosina’s inexpensive and ergonomic slide clamps are used to control the flow of fluid in a line. They feature a graduated opening through which the tube passes, and when the tube is pushed into the narrow end of the opening, it clamps off, reducing or shutting off the fluid flow.

Qosina carries approximately 50 off-the-shelf slide clamps in an assortment of colors, sizes and configurations, including open-jaw and closed. Customizable options are available as well.

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