Qosina offers an extensive line of hemostasis valves designed to accommodate standard (fully closed up to 10 FR) guide wires and large-bore (6-18 FR) accessories.  We stock more than 40 configurations in a range of styles and features including Y-connector, double valve and one-handed, as well as straight connector, sideport and one-way valves. Each hemostasis valve is equipped with a rotating male luer lock or male luer slip, and a female luer lock sideport, for easy attachment to a secondary line for flushing.
· The Y-connector gives the valve an ergonomic design and provides the ability to access multiple points in the same lumen. The female luer lock sideport can be used to check pressure, help with irrigation and prevent thickening of fluids.

· Double valves are designed with two hemostasis ports that can accommodate multiple guide wires without tangling, allowing for easier manipulation and control.

One-handed valves have a self-closing mechanism and can quickly move from open to closed position with one hand.

Easily find the perfect medical component with Qosina's online catalog

Qosina's online catalog of single-use OEM components makes it easy to find specific components based on your unique application and specifications. Simply filter your search results based on various factors.

In addition to filtering your results by valve type, you can select the type of port, material, and/or color. Hemostasis valve materials range from acrylic to rubber, and silicone to PVC. 

As a leading distributor of bulk, non-sterile medical components to the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, Qosina has thousands of components in stock at our ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 22301 and ISO 14001 certified facility on Long Island, New York, USA.

Can't find the right valve for your application? Contact us about custom sourcing. Our in-house product development team can work with you to create custom components, meeting product requirements while providing a cost-effective way to keep your project within budget and on deadline.

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