Ronkonkoma, NY, USA, June 4, 2018—Qosina is pleased to add tinted, gamma-sterilizable, large-bore tuohy borst adapters to its existing line of tuohy borsts. Qosina now carries 13 distinct, off-the-shelf options that can accommodate instrument sizes up to 18 FR.

Comprised of a clear or tinted polycarbonate body and a leak-proof silicone gasket, these large-bore tuohy borst adapters are equipped with female luer lock and tubing connection sideports for flushing, barbed and threaded flare ends, and red and blue caps. These components are designed to prevent the backflow of fluid and are ideal for applications that require larger instruments and devices. Qosina also offers a unique build-in style that can be customized into a specific device design.

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