Qosina offers a wide selection of stock and custom tubing for medical and bioprocessing applications. We carry conveniently packaged small coils for prototyping and extended lengths for large-scale production requirements. Choose from more than 250 options available in a variety of brands, types, durometers, diameters and materials.

Qosina offers free samples for in-house testing and evaluation, so you can quickly keep your project moving forward. Custom tubing configurations are available to meet exact specifications including cut-to-length pieces and custom coil sizes, colors and materials. Single, small coil purchases are also available.

Technical Features
· Coil lengths: 25 - 5,000 feet
· Durometers: 50A - 80A
· Inner diameters: 0.01 inch - 1 inch
· Outer diameters: 0.03 inch - 1.5 inch 

Stock Materials
· DEHP-free PVC
· Class VI Silicone
· HDPE· Multi-layer

· PharMed® BPT
· SaniPure™ BDF™
· TuFlux®
· C-Flex®

· Tygon®
· Sani-Tech® Ultra-C
· Venabio®
· Braided Flexelene™ 135C 
· Flexelene™ 135C 
· EJ Prene

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