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Crystals, Oscillators, and Piezoelectrics

Oscillators are used to convert direct current from a power supply to an alternating current. Crystal oscillators are circuits that use the vibrations of piezoelectric material to create precise electric signals. Piezoelectric materials generate electrical charge from mechanical stress. In this medical device supplier directory, you'll find suppliers of crystals, oscillators, and piezoelectrics.

Companies (4 results)

Statek Corporation

Statek Corporation

About Statek In 1970, Statek Corporation was the first to use semiconductor technology such as photolithography, chemica...

Micro Crystal AG

Micro Crystal AG, a company of the Swatch Group Inc. Switzerland, was founded in 1978 in Grenchen, Switzerland, as a produc...

Ascend Frequency Devices

Manufactures frequency-timing devices, crystals, crystal oscillators, PECLs, VCXOs, TCXOs, and OCXOs. Custom an...

Taiwan Ostor Corp.

The company is based in Taipei and our R&D Center is based in Southern Taiwan and throughout China with service location...

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