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Semiconductors feature electrical conductivity that falls between a conductor and an insulator, making them useful in electronic circuits. Semiconductor-chip-enabled medical devices and equipment include pacemakers, x-rays, MRI machines, blood pressure monitors, and minimally-invasive surgical equipment. Suppliers of semiconductors and other essential electronic components can be sourced using this directory of suppliers to the medical device and diagnostic industry.

Companies (4 results)

Rochester Electronics

Rochester Electronics, LLC. is the world's most comprehensive source and solution for discontinued semiconductors. A...

America II Electronics

Distributes semiconductors and integrated circuits. The company is ISO 9002 certified and complies with ESD and ot...

Klaran by Crystal IS, Inc.

Klaran UVC LEDs are manufactured by Crystal IS, Inc., an Asahi Kasei Company. Klaran deep ultraviolet (UVC) ...

Direct Components

We have one of the largest selections of obsolete components in the world as well as access to millions more. We have been...

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