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Transducers convert electrical energy from one form to another. They are often used automation, measurement, and control systems. You'll find qualified suppliers of transducers and other electronic components for medical applications in this directory.

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Since 1991, SONOTEC has been developing ultrasonic technologies to provide specific solutions for the medical, bioprocessing,...

Analogic Corp.

Designs and manufactures high-performance medical imaging systems and subsystems. The company supplies computed-tomography dat...

AutoTran Division

Offers Pressure Transmitters/Transducers for measurement of very low pressures. Available for dry air (0–0.1 to 0–40 psi) ...


The need is big. Many industries today have a need to develop products at a very small scale and don't have the means to get it done. Innova...

Utah Medical Products, Inc.

For more than 30 years, Utah Medical Products, Inc. (UTMD) has been supplying other companies in the medica...

Meggitt Piezo Technologies

Sensor Systems Piezo Technologies, a Meggitt PLC group, is dedicated to providing sensor systems to the medi...

Sentran, LLC

Our focus on development will grow as we expand our design and manufacturing capabilities, partner with new strategic manufacturi...

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