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Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are a family of polymers that possess rubber-like properties but can be processed like plastic. This type of material may be used to in the manufacture of everything from gaskets and seals to syringe tips. Use this directory to source providers of regulatory-compliant thermoplastic elastomers.

Companies (7 results)

Beacon MedTech Solutions

Beacon MedTech Solutions

Custom-Engineered Precision Components. Vertically Integrated Solutions. Beacon MedTech Solutions is a contract...

Momentive Performance Materials

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. is a global leader in silicones and advanced materials, with a 7...


Enplas is a global leader in Engineering Plastic solutions. Our life science business supports many bio-technology market leading clients'...

Boyd Corporation

Boyd is well-equipped to be your medical design and manufacturing partner. With decades of medical expertise and broad desi...

Entec Polymers

Entec Polymers is the largest polymer distributor in North America and a leader in medical resin distribution for over 20 year...

Dow Chemical Company

    You can explore new directions in medical device design with proven, high-performance medical-grade silicone mate...

Achilles USA, Inc.

Achilles is a leading manufacturer of flexible PVC film with a suite of formulations, including PVC/TPU blends, availabl...

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