Visit Booth 3806 at MD&M West to see and hear how Transparent TOYOLAC® ABS Resin presents major opportunities for medical design engineers and custom molders to develop better components and final-use products particularly for liquid-contact medical devices.

Visit with Toray and their distributor Tre Polymer – an outstanding partnership of experts with decades of experience serving medical OEM’s. Hear how Transparent TOYOLAC® has become a popular thermoplastic due to its superior injection molding and processability, superior hardness, toughness and chemical resistance properties compared to traditional thermoplastics. The result is that TOYOLAC® resin has achieved application success in thousands of medical products worldwide. Now TOYOLAC® is available with Tre Polymer’s professional application development and processing assistance support.

TOYOLAC® has proven a cost effective replacement for many medical applications requiring clear plastic. Applications include housings, infusion sets, and other drug and blood contact devices where superior injection molding, processability and high strength properties make TOYOLAC® the ideal replacement for clear polycarbonate. With well-balanced chemical properties the TOYOLAC® ABS resin is an FDA Drug Master File registered material. It is USP Class 6 tested and meets ISO 10993 for biocompatibility.

See, hear and get solutions at the Tre Polymer Booth 3806, MD&M West, February 11-13 2020 at the Anaheim Convention Center Arena, Anaheim, California. MD&M West is the world’s largest medical design and manufacturing event with over 20,000 professionals and 1900 suppliers attending.

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