Toray, Industries Inc., introduces TORAYSEE™ for ES Micro Fiber Wiping Cloths specified for cleaning endoscope lenses of Laparoscopic surgery. TORAYSEE™ for ES is sterilized and attached with radiopaque indicator ring designed for use in operating room. It simplifies lens cleaning procedure, reduces lens cleaning time and reduces idle time in operation. The ultra-fine, 2 micron diameter fiber material of TORAYSEE™ for ES forms micro pocket which firmly adheres and traps dirt and contaminating residue sequentially ensuring wiping performance and restore clear lens visibility.


TORAYSEE™ for ES is a single use wipe that can be used either wet or dry, and also can be used with an anti-fog solution.

Each cloth measures 2” x 2” and is packaged 100 to a carton containing instructions and precautions to follow prior to use.

For more information about TORAYSEE™ for ES Endoscope wiping cloths, call 612-979-0613 to learn more. Or Email: [email protected].

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