Quick disconnects are critical to thermal management of electronic devices.

Nordson MEDICAL's LinkTech line of quick connect couplings has provided reliability for your electronic cooling needs since day one. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Nowadays we depend on computer systems equipped with advanced microprocessors to seamlessly function our day-to-day activities. These computer systems struggle to be cooled entirely through conventional mechanisms and require efficient liquid cooling means. Quick connect couplings help with quick installation and ease of service of these cooling modules.

Electronic Cooling Connector Truths:
  • Reliable, leak-free connections keep critical technology running smoothly.
  • Durability is key to withstand higher pressure for industrial applications.
  • Internal shut off valves eliminate the risk of spillage, creating less downtime and damages.
  • Overheating of lines can damage your most sensitive information.
You can trust in Nordson MEDICAL's electronic cooling connectors to keep your computer systems safe and efficient.

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