Cell and gene therapy are the next revolution in improving the primary treatment of genetic diseases by replacing the cells or missing proteins causing the symptoms. They treat diseases at different microscopic levels of the body.

Nordson MEDICAL offers designers worldwide the broadest selection of male and female luer fittings to make secure leak-proof unions in medical devices and laboratory instruments used in those treatments.

Removing the Problem, Implanting the Solution
Nordson MEDICAL's luer fittings are the ideal solution for removing targeted cells by means of a syringe, and implanting the cells into the body to destroy or cure diseases such as cancer. Gene therapy uses the body's own immune system to destroy cancer cells and change the genetic material of a patient, so they no longer have the targeted disease.

With a wide range of scalability in our product, Nordson MEDICAL has over 120 separate configurations available in nylon, polypropylene, polycarbonate and PVDF. Many color and special material options are available from stock or upon special order. Our male and female luers are available with connections that fit tubing sizes ranging from 1/16" (1.6 mm) to 1/4" (6.4 mm) IDs. Threaded ends and panel mount versions are also available to suit your every need. These fittings work with both the syringe and small CGT-designed bags used in these life-saving therapies.

Growing the Future
With cell and gene therapy, we have the potential to grow organ replacements—no more wait lists for organs. With the help of Nordson MEDICAL's leak-proof luer fittings, practitioners utilize syringes to remove cells from bodies that are then transferred to single-use bag assemblies. These assemblies are modified in a lab to become compatible with patients who in turn get these new cells inserted into their bodies by means of another syringe, also containing luer fittings.

It's a Lock with Nordson MEDICAL
Our MLRL and MLSL series of fittings can be used both as a slip luer or as a locking luer with the addition of our FSLLR luer lock ring. This allows for color coding without flow path contact. Our MLSL/FSLLR combination results in a stationary lock ring. Use a combination of MLRL and FSLLR to create a color-coded rotating lock ring.
  • The MLRL allows FSLLR/lock ring rotation
  • The MLSL has flanges which lock into the FSLLR, preventing rotation
  • Used together, you can create a color-coded male luer with lock ring

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