Medical device design solutions from Nordson MEDICAL.

Nordson MEDICAL provides elegant and robust design and development solutions for finished devices. We recently established a new best-in-class Product Development Process, PDP Services™, that helps customers manage their business goals with a robust focus on quality. PDP Services™ is aligned with the FDA Guidance on Design Controls and integrates concurrent engineering to get to market faster and more efficiently. Our experienced technical team is well-equipped with engineering design and analysis tools to ensure the functionality and quality of the end-product.

PDP Services™ is the foundation that allows us to consistently exceed our customer's expectations. It is standardized across Nordson MEDICAL sites and is highly flexible, allowing you to engage on anything from a single-phase review to a full design and development project.

To learn more about the PDP Services™ process flow, including specific phase goals and deliverables, and for more information on how it is aligned with regulatory requirements, read the White Paper on

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