Pretreatment Solutions for Improving Adhesion in Electronics Applications as Seen in ASI Magazine

Menomonee Falls, WI – Manufacturers must protect electronics from moisture, corrosion, contamination, static, and mechanical shock. To prevent damage, electronics are typically protected with coatings, potting for critical electrical components or placing electronic components in housings that provide waterproof seals.

Plasma treaters work to clean, etch and functionalize electronic surfaces to improve adhesion by increasing bonding sites. Blown ion plasma and flame plasma are effective and repeatable treatment methods that take the guesswork out of electronics manufacturing bonding processes.

This new technical paper from Enercon discusses why surface energy is important and how it can be increased to improve bonding and adhesion.

“Many manufacturers are moving away from wet chemistries and are opting for inline plasmas to prepare surfaces for bonding,” says Wilson Lee, Business Development Director. “These technologies lead to higher product quality and decreased failures.”

To download the paper, click here.

Enercon Industries Corporation, headquartered in Menomonee Falls, WI, is a major manufacturer of equipment for the plastics, converting and packaging industries. The company supplies custom built corona and atmospheric plasma treating systems, as well as induction cap sealing systems.


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