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Coating Services for IVD Products

Coating is a type of surface modification that covers the outermost layer of a device with a physical, biological, or chemical component. For example, a coating might be applied to slides used in in vitro diagnostic testing. Use this directory to find qualified suppliers of IVD contractors specializing in this modification process.

Companies (6 results)

Formacoat LLC

Formacoat LLC

Lubricious, Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Coating Solutions for Medical Devices Formacoat® has been on the leading edge of coating...

Noanix Corporation

Noanix Corporation is the true "Creative Custom" designer. Noanix designs and developes and provides Spray Coating Syste...

Applied Membrane Technology, Inc.

AMT provides solutions to resolve your material surface-related issues and problems, whatever your...

WPC Treatment Co., Inc.

WPC is a proven process that has been utilized for many years in various industries. WPC is not a coating, it is ...

Florida Anodize System & Technologies, Inc.

Florida Anodize System & Technologies, Inc. ( FAST ) is committed to providing exce...

Medibrane Ltd

Medibrane manufactures polymeric ultra thin coatings for stent grafts ,balloons catheters and other implantable devices, customi...

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