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Sterilization for IVD Products

In vitro diagnostic devices may need to be sterilized to ensure they are free from bacteria and other microorganisms, and therefore safe for use on patients. Some manufacturers may turn to contract partners to provide sterilization services. Source contract sterilization firms using this medical device supplier directory.

Companies (4 results)

AccuTec Blades

AccuTec Blades designs and engineers precision blades for material processing equipment for surgery; histology; food prep; fib...

Labomiz Scientific Ltd.

Labomiz scientific ltd. is a USA based manufacturer of Laboratory equipment and analytical instruments. We believ...

Neuster Health LLC

Neuster Health is the U.S. representative, and exclusive distributor of PMS Healthcare Technologies, an international ma...

Konnexis Inc

Konnexis is a market leader of modern sterilization controls, monitoring, and product tracking systems. Since 2000, the company h...

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