Scapa Healthcare announces the grant of a new patent for a new hydrogel wound dressing designed to care for a penetrating wound in the chest cavity.

Scapa Healthcare, a strategic outsource partner of skin friendly turn-key solutions for the global healthcare industry, announces the grant of a new patent for its hydrogel technology. The new wound dressing design represents a breakthrough in wound care; designed to care for a penetrating wound in the chest cavity. The patent is protected in the European countries of Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

The patented design – created in a partnership with Prometheus Medical LLC., a leading supplier of pre-hospital emergency equipment and medical training courses – was developed to aid a potentially deadly chest wound in the line of combat, caused by a bullet, shrapnel or knife penetration, and is currently utilized on the award-winning Russell Chest Seal®. The dressing design may also be adapted for animal use.

The patented dressing construction utilizes hydrogel, but can be used in conjunction with other Scapa Soft-Pro® skin friendly adhesives, including hydrocolloids. Hydrogels are preferred because of their non-aggressive adhesion to the skin and flexible, comfortable nature to more challenging anatomical areas.

"This new patent approval is another example of the expansion of our intellectual property portfolio,” said Mike Muchin, Vice President of Product Development. “Scapa Healthcare continues to be on the leading edge of medical device innovation. Not only are we seeking novel ways to expand our product and design offerings, but also developing stronger partnerships with our customers to better meet market needs.”

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Posted On: Jun 30, 2017, 16:16 PM

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