Scapa gratned patent for foot care treatment

Scapa Healthcare has been granted a new patent for a breakthrough foot care treatment for dry and cracked heels. The design has been patented in Europe and Japan, and utilizes a proprietary hydrocolloid formulation with coconut oil.

The R&D team at Scapa developed a therapeutic pad to conform to the heel with a proprietary release system, making it easy-to-apply for all ages, including those with limited dexterity and vision. The proprietary system not only provides comfort and complete heel coverage, but also delivers an optimal blend of adhesion, occlusion and hydration to affected heels. An early user trial showed the product was easy to use and yielded positive results, as a majority of the participants experienced an increase in skin hydration and a reduction in heel dryness.

"We are excited to continue expanding our intellectual property portfolio worldwide,” said Brian Coughlin, Vice President of Global Sales. “Our product innovation team was tasked with developing an easy-to-use, effective treatment for heels, using our skin-friendly adhesives. What they produced is a vast improvement to what is currently available in the market, and our sales team is already working with our customers to introduce this new product to consumers.”

Scapa Healthcare is a strategic outsource partner of turn-key, skin friendly adhesive solutions for the global healthcare industry. Scapa is focused on developing innovative ways to address skin conditions, and creating stronger partnerships with customers to better meet market needs. Scapa’s complete portfolio includes Soft-Pro® skin adhesives (silicones, acrylics, hydrogels, hydrocolloids and polyurethane gel) and Bioflex® high performance materials. For more information, please contact us at:

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