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Providien is contract manufacturer of finished medical devices and components to the medical device industry. We provide comprehensive manufacturing solutions including new product development, supply chain management, product lifecycle management, thermoforming, medical device manufacturing and assembly, machining & metals and medical injection molding to medical device industry leaders.


Providien is a world-leading thermoformer of highly aesthetic, complex medical device enclosures and products. Providien specializes in manufacturing large, highly aesthetic, multi-part enclosures for the medical device industry. With a relentless focus on achieving the highest quality standards of plastic pressure forming, twin sheet forming, thin gauge packaging, vacuum forming, and CNC machined aluminum tooling, Providien utilizes an innovative approach to meet the demanding, close-tolerance design requirements of our customers.

Providien focuses on pressure forming to achieve these highly cosmetic medical device covers. The best characteristics of pressure formed parts include tight tolerances, crisp detail, formed-in texture, custom color without paint, and formed-in threaded inserts to ensure repeatability. Pressure formed parts have aesthetics that are on the same level as injection molded parts at a fraction of the tooling cost.

Providien is also a leader and pioneer with twin sheet pressure forming. Twin sheet thermoforming has significant advantages over competitive plastic processes and single-walled parts. Twin sheet parts can remove the need for sheet metal structural backing while providing cosmetic and controlled surfaces on both sides. Doors and lids can be ideal candidates for this process.

Device Assembly

Providien offers medical device contract manufacturing services to the world’s leading medical device companies. Whether you are searching for a complete turnkey manufacturing solution or to supplement your internal capabilities, we partner with our customers by providing design, development, and manufacturing solutions for the production of Class ll and Class lll finished medical devices. We provide innovative, customized solutions with the flexibility and speed to meet our customers’ demand. Our FDA and ISO13485 registered, state-of-the-art production facilities are located in Tijuana, Mexico, and offer the pricing structure needed in today’s competitive market. Our operating structure allows us to produce on a low-volume, quick-turn, as well as high-volume, large-scale production basis. Regardless of your manufacturing needs, we provide the high quality, quick response time, with superior customer service levels and on-time delivery every time.

Providien has focused heavily our lean culture. Eliminating waste and adding value for our customers are the goals of Providien’s Lean Initiative. Providien has a dedicated team focused on leveraging best practices for our facilities. Standardized processes include developing a model line, deploying the lean culture within our teams, and focusing on high impact projects. This is an ongoing project and part of our continuous improvement mindset.

Providien offers logistics management services that can help you streamline your supply chain, reduce costs, and shorten lead times. We have a well-established local supply base and thoroughly qualify our suppliers to ensure they share our commitment to quality and sustainability. Let us manage your supply chain, so you can focus on your core business of exploring new healthcare innovations.

Machining and Metals

Providien Machining and Metals is a leader in precision machining, electromechanical assemblies, NPI management and precision miniature bearings. Our expertise in precision electromechanical and mechanical assemblies, NPI management, mechanical design, and testing allows Providien to provide fast and economical turnkey solutions for medical device leaders.

Providien’s precision machining facility is both ISO 9001 as well as ISO 13485 certified. Providien specializes in tight-tolerance machining, which separates us from others in this space. We developed this capability as a function of our precision bearing expertise. Our machined parts have historically needed to meet the very demanding, tight tolerance requirements of our bearings and our mechanical assembly in support of the medical device industry. Providien has implemented a manufacturing and quality system devoted to meeting the tightest of our customers’ specifications. All members of our manufacturing and quality control teams are dedicated to our customers’ exacting requirements.

Providien Machining & Metals has long been a leader in the precision bearings industry with over 2 million bearings supplied annually. Our bearings are manufactured and assembled to the highest industry standards by our Dynaroll bearings. Our miniature bearings are manufactured at facilities located in Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia. Dynaroll was founded in 1988 and has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of miniature precision bearings to the medical device industry.

Injection Molding

Providien is a world leader in medical injection molding for the healthcare industry. The quality certifications, the investment in technology, and the continuous commitment to exceed expectations make our experienced medical injection molding team an important aspect in your product’s success.

Providing operates a Class 8 cleanroom with over 6,000 square feet of molding and assembly area in our Carlsbad, CA location. Third-party testing and documentation of this cleanroom is performed on a quarterly basis. Providien maintains this area of our medical injection molding facility above and beyond the minimum standards required for this rating. This area is utilized quite extensively for our medical device and biomedical clientele assembly. May of the parts that are molded here support our finished medical device assembly operation in Tijuana. Sonic welding, heat sealing, in-process inspection, and final packaging occur in this area for any manufacturing with cleanroom requirements.

The medical injection molding process has revolutionized the medical device industry. Manufacturing medical devices through injection molding allows companies to develop medical device products that are lightweight and cost-effective and allows for medical device OEMs to get their products to market in a timely manner. Providien has extensive experience managing the product development cycle and assisting in the process with part design, tool design and build, validation and transitioning to production. When it comes to medical injection molding manufacturing of medical devices, extreme care must be given to all aspects of the manufacturing process that creates these critical medical instruments. Customers and patients alike depend on products that deliver unrelenting quality and consistency.

Providien has extensive experience with many specialized plastic injection molding services, including over-molding and insert molding. Over-molding is the process of combining two or more molded plastic or elastomer parts to make a single finished part. Providien has extensive experience with medical products in over and insert molding.

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