Eliminates print waste, lowers cost and increases speed to market.

Rochester NH, June 21—Phase 2 Medical Manufacturing, a leader in contract manufacturing for the medical device industry vertically integrates to include on-demand print, fold, assemble and bind Information for Use (IFU) booklets on an as-needed basis. This new capability eliminates the need for large print runs and binding of IFUs which are often discarded whenever new or revised content must be added to the IFUs.

"Change happens, especially when it comes to IFUs," said Adam Prime, President of Phase 2 Medical Manufacturing. "With the introduction of our new high capacity digital printing capabilities and folding equipment we can generate five, five thousand or fifty thousand IFU booklets in a print run. That gives us the flexibility to accommodate content changes to IFUs, print them and add them seamlessly into the medical manufacturing and medical packaging process," he explained.

Because the new digital printer accepts PDF and encrypted PDF files, Phase 2 can accept new IFU files from its client partners and start making new IFU booklets immediately.

"As a contract manufacturing company for the medical device industry, we know low cost and speed to market are very important," Prime said. "The ability to quickly provide revised IFU booklets without slowing medical manufacturing or medical packaging, while getting the latest information to the end user, is critical to our partners."

About Phase 2 Medical Manufacturing

Phase 2 Medical Manufacturing is a contract manufacturing company specializing in medical device development, medical device engineering and medical device assembly for companies seeking medical product outsourcing. With ISO class cleanroom capabilities, Phase 2 utilizes sophisticated processes including ultrasonic welding, epoxy bonding and UV bonding to build single-use medical devices and provide medical device solutions to its client partners. For more information visit: www.phase2medical.com.

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