Medical Extrusion Technologies introduces its new website

Murrieta, CA – Medical Extrusion Technologies (MET), a well-established leader in custom extrusion solutions for the medical device manufacturing industry, encourages visitors to explore its brand-new website. The redesigned platform provides an enhanced experience, boasting significant improvements to navigation and functionality, while offering a comprehensive showcase of the company’s novel extrusion capabilities.

The revamped website embodies Medical Extrusion Technologies‘ commitment to innovation and quality for the medical device manufacturing sector. Featuring an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, visitors can quickly browse through the firm’s various extrusion techniques and review the available materials with which the company works. Specializing in the production of single-lumen, multi-lumen, and FEP heat shrink tubing, the company also produces profile, bump, and ribbon extrusions.

“We redesigned our website to showcase our capabilities as a full-service outsourcing partner, which built a distinct reputation for delivering high-quality products in a timely fashion across every phase of the product development lifecycle for complex medical devices,” explained Brian Frechette, operational strategist at MET. “We recognize the significance of accessibility and transparency in our industry, and this redesign signifies our continuous commitment to fulfilling our customers’ requirements.”

The website redesign includes:

– A new graphic-friendly user interface, which makes the site easy to navigate and convenient to find information quickly about MET’s custom extrusion services and tubing products as well as the materials it uses at its three manufacturing facilities.

A news section to keep you updated on all the latest happenings at Medical Extrusion Technologies.

– A customized quoting feature, empowering clients and potential customers to easily generate quotes regardless of material, length, or volume, resulting in rapid turnaround times.

In addition to displaying the company’s extensive portfolio, the website serves as a platform for Medical Extrusion Technologies to share industry insights, news, and updates with customers and prospective clients, demonstrating its position as a leader in the medical extrusion sector. With three manufacturing facilities dedicated to serving clients, the company encourages inquiries and requests for quotes, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

For more information about MET, and its range of services, please visit the newly redesigned website at

About Medical Extrusion Technologies

For over 30 years, Medical Extrusion Technologies has served as a full-service outsourcing extrusion partner, building a reputation for delivering high-quality extruded products in a timely fashion for any phase of the product development lifecycle for medical devices.

Specializing in the fabrication of single-lumen and multi-lumen tubing across a diverse range of thermoplastic materials, along with FEP heat shrink offerings, sets us apart. Our clientele spans from startups and development houses to leading medical device manufacturers, accommodating businesses of all sizes. Through our in-house tooling capabilities, we meticulously craft custom tubing tailored to your application. Committed to building enduring customer relationships, our focus remains steadfast on understanding and addressing your unique needs.

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