CleanCut Technologies has been a pioneer in Medical Device Packaging since it’s inception in 1999.

CleanCut Technologies (CCT) provides innovative and cost effective packaging solutions to over 400 medical device customers worldwide. Their staff continuously strives toward becoming a complete turnkey medical device packaging company. CleanCut Technologies offers unique medical device packaging advantages:

  1. Zero cost design and prototyping
  2. Precision manufacturing that is executed in Class 7 (10,000) & Class 8 (100,000) certified environments.
  3. Patented Clipless Dispenser Design for Catheters and Guidewires

CCT’s product lines include: Patented Clipless Dispensers, HDPE die-cut backercards, pouches, pad printing and tube flaring all complimented by labels, SBS shelf cartons and corrugated shipping boxes.

CleanCut Technologies has a variety of in-house products and services meant to accelerate the release of a medical device to the market. CCT’s design/process engineers and quality control staff are dedicated to developing packaging designs and processes that continue to meet rigid industry expectations. “Over the course of 13 years, CCT has expanded its products and services to become a full, Turnkey Medical Device Packaging Company,” said CCT’s President Tim Bell.  “This has proven beneficial to medical device manufacturers as all their packaging needs are met from one source and in less time. “

Born out of the need for a better “mouse trap”, CCT developed the Clipless Dispenser for catheters and guide-wires. Utilizing their patented process, CCT is able to thermally bond HDPE and PP tubing in various lengths and sizes. Customers have found an array of benefits from using the Clipless Dispenser including: faster loading without product damage, eliminating pouch punctures, enhanced product branding, no kinked tubing and an overall reduction in packaging materials.  The Clipless Dispenser can also be joined with CCT’s other products to create the ultimate packaging solution in one complete system.

CCT has been at the forefront of many of the advances within the medical device packaging industry.
“CCT has a diverse background in the Medical Device Industry, which includes both designing and manufacturing medical device packaging.” Mr. Bell explained, “As a result, CleanCut’s expert staff is able to anticipate design challenges and offer simple solutions.”   

Since CCT is ISO 13485 Certified and FDA QSR compliant, it’s easy to for medical device manufacturers to add CleanCut Technologies to their Approved Supplier List. CCT’s combined experience includes over 80 years of quality, regulatory, design, manufacturing and sales experience. They continue to gain market share and advance into new areas of the Medical Device Industry.

CleanCut Technologies operates from an FDA compliant and ISO 13485 Certified facility with over 70,000 sq ft of space located in Anaheim California.