Laserage announces the launch of a new laser cutting and CNC machining solution for the medical device market

Tuesday, January 3, 2023


Minnesota, USA (Nov 29, 2022) Laserage, one of the brands of AMETEK Engineered Medical Components (EMC), is excited to announce the launch of a brand-new laser cutting and CNC machining solution for the medical device market. The fully integrated laser cutting system offers comprehensive Swiss machining capabilities, as well as through-part cooling and automatic part handling options. The machine was purchased from one of the leading manufacturers of CNC equipment and is known throughout the world for its high-quality production capabilities.

The Laser Swiss cutting system is available for laser cutting as well as CNC machining precision metal tube and rod components, ranging from 1mm to 20mm in diameter. Other capabilities include ID expansion and increase, laser cut patterns, OD reduction and CNC drilling. All these features will enable highly precise medical tube and rod applications, among others, to be created quickly and accurately.

Dan Capp, Director Technology Programs, AMETEK EMC says of the new arrival, “The medical device sector is an exciting place to work, as technology and innovation are advancing at an incredible rate. We are proud to be able to lead the way with our high-precision, top quality Laser Swiss system for cutting precision tubing and CNC machining. We see our system as being highly valuable for manufacturing surgical and medical instruments, structural heart components, orthopedic tools and implants and vascular applications.”

Surgical and medical instruments that can be produced using the Laser Swiss system include robotic surgical instruments, while structural heart applications include delivery systems for heart valve replacements and repairs. In the field of orthopedics, the system will be used for surgical tools / implants, while the vascular market will benefit from atherectomy catheters, amongst other key components and equipment.

Combining laser cutting with CNC Swiss machining in this way is highly productive in terms of costs, lead times, and quality control. Operational advantages to Laserage’s Laser Swiss system include reduced production times, which will speed up manufacturing processes and reduce costs. The Laser Swiss system can also take the place of multiple single-purpose machines in a busy production site, thus saving valuable room and resources.