In the realm of advanced manufacturing and precision engineering, the power of laser technology has proven to be a game-changer. One application that showcases its remarkable capabilities is wire ablation - an intricate process that demands both expertise and cutting-edge equipment.

The ablation of fine wires is a precise technique that involves the controlled removal of material from conductive wires, enabling numerous applications across various industries.  Laser ablation involves precisely removing insulation or coatings, exposing wire conductors, or creating intricate patterns.

AMETEK EMC's mastery of laser technology, extensive experience and cutting-edge laser systems empower to drive innovation, optimize production processes, and push the boundaries of manufacturing. With our laser ablation expert brand Avicenna and its facilities, we’ve been involved with the manufacture of laser ablated fine wires using precision excimer laser systems.

Avicenna’s Product Development Engineering Manager Jon Kvaal explains: “Our recent capabilities extend to manufacturing fine ablated wires that are about 5 feet long and require removal of the insulation slit that’s 0.0008” width in a very tightly controlled environment.” Jon continues: “We’ve done it, utilizing the process of ablation and exposing the laser energy 360 degrees around the wire to remove the insulation in a short spurt of time. This is followed by rolling the wires on the reels for the final delivery to the customer.”

The wires that are laser ablated at Avicenna can be used in procedures like neuro aneurysm filling. Avicenna’s ablation capabilities have various techniques and processes for wire ablation, ensuring precision and accuracy in our operations covering a wide range of materials for wire ablation, including plastics like polyamide, urethane, PTFE, and other polymers. These materials are mostly insulations on a metal conductor.

With Avicenna, AMETEK EMC also excels in the intricate and precise laser ablation processes involved in the production of wires used in constant glucose monitoring devices. These devices rely on the integration of sensors that require wire ablation to ensure optimal functionality. The tiny wires, which are vital components of these devices, undergo laser ablation within a controlled environment that adheres to stringent specifications.

In summary, AMETEK EMC can offer exceptional wire ablation capabilities to the medical device industry with a team committed to providing high-quality, reliable products that meet the specific requirements of each customer. Through a collaborative approach, the teams work hand in hand with clients, engaging in close partnership throughout the entire process. From the initial design and development to prototyping and validation stages, open communication, and experimentation to ensure the delivery of high-value solutions are paramount.

AMETEK EMC’s commitment to constant improvement drives validation of solutions for volume production. With precision, accuracy, and adherence to industry standards, AMETEK EMC with its expert brand Avicenna is a trusted partner in delivering innovative and cutting-edge wire ablation solutions with the goal to contribute to the advancement of medical devices, enabling better healthcare outcomes for patients worldwide.

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