New system, K-Tube Discover, provides support and resources for engineers in early phases of device development

Poway, Calif., May 30, 2012 K-Tube Technologies, the largest producer of miniature stainless steel tubing in the United States, is pleased to announce its new R&D process for device engineers, K-Tube Discover. Created for engineers in the early phases of design and development, K-Tube Discover combines quick turnaround manufacturing with an on-site metallurgy lab and a dedicated advisory team to help new client concepts come to life. K-Tube Technologies is the only manufacturer to offer stock and custom tubing direct from the source.

In order to bring a device to production, engineers need support, information and resources during the early phases of R&D. K-Tube Discover is a collaborative process, created specifically for medical device engineers and engineers in other highly regulated industries. A dedicated team of experienced engineers and quality control experts operate the K-Tube Discovery Center, which provides metallurgical knowledge combined with industry expertise to help shepherd highly customized concepts through the development cycle and into a prototype.

“The K-Tube Discovery Center is a conceptual playground where great ideas come to life,” said Greg May, president of K-Tube Technologies. “We’re happy to partner with medical device engineers to provide metallurgical expertise, deep knowledge of device design and commitment to quick turnaround essential for product development. K-Tube Discover is a unique direct source for medical engineers who need to buy and develop tubing from concept to prototype and beyond.”

To submit a concept for consideration, engineers are encouraged to visit Submissions are evaluated daily. Concepts that are accepted are assigned to the discovery team, which will collaborate with device engineers and supply chain experts from ideation to full-scale production, providing a single source for the entire life cycle of the device.


About K-Tube Technologies
Founded in 1974, K-Tube developed a laser weld technology for bringing a lower cost needle to the medical device market. Today, K-Tube is the largest U.S. based manufacturer of small diameter tubing working to provide its customers with custom manufacturing, online ordering and state-of-the-art engineered tubing. For more information, visit

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