Hydromer Inc, announces that its plant-based line of sanitizing products showed significant reduction in growth of COVID-19 virus in recent testing

Hydromer Inc, (OTC:HYDI) or “the Company” today announced that its plant-based EscenciaProtect™ line of sanitizing products showed significant reduction in growth of COVID-19 virus in recent testing done by the external ‘Institute for Antiviral Research’ lab at the University of Utah.

The testing shows statistically significant reduction in the growth of the COVID-19 virus when exposed to Hydromer’s plant-based sanitizer formulations. The study showed that “tested neat and at dilutions at 15-minute and 1-hour contact time intervals, the test samples exhibited viricidal activity, reducing SARS-CoV-2 below the limit of detection resulting in Log Reduction Values of >2.5 (>99%) and >3.5 (>99.9%). Neutral controls did not inhibit virus growth and did not exhibit cytotoxicity.
Previous testing done by other external labs have shown these products to also be effective against a variety of other microbes including NoroVirus, MRSA, Salmonella, E-Coli and others, validating that Hydromer’s EscenciaProtect™ line has broad-spectrum sanitizing capabilities.
“Hydromer is very proud to have one of the first greener alternatives to alcohol -based sanitizers, now tested and available in the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With so many segments of the market desperate for alcohol-free product such as, schools, retail, airlines and more, we recognized how critical it was to test our proprietary technology against this specific virus. We are very pleased to be in a position now to supply a much-needed alternative to the growing market of sanitizers.” said Peter M. von Dyck, Hydromer CEO.
In addition, with performance features such as plant-based, natural, longer lasting moisturization, non-flammable and many others, Hydromer’s patented EscenciaProtect™ line offers a very compelling non-alcohol solution for various sanitation needs. The line is being offered in various formulation formats such as ready-to-use sanitizer, sprayable liquid, ready-to-use hand soap, concentrate additive for formulation, and others. Hydromer looks forward to partnerships and distribution opportunities with other companies to take this unique technology into the hands of end users for various sanitation needs across various market segments.
About Hydromer
We are actively engaged in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic by manufacturing various products that aid in helping save lives, including our anti-fog coatings for PPE, our anti-microbial hydrophilic coatings for medical devices and our sanitizing product line. We are making our alcohol sanitizers per approved guidelines of FDA and also registered with FDA, and non-alcohol sanitizer products, available under our Hydromer First Responder™, HydroProtect™ or EscenciaProtect™ brands or privately labeled under your own brand to ensure getting these important products quickly available to end users during the current status of high demand amidst stricter FDA controls.

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