With Availability of its Sanitizers and Antimicrobial Coatings

Concord, NC, March 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Hydromer, Inc. (“Hydromer®” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: HYDI) announced today that it is actively engaged in the fight against COVID-19 by immediately scaling up manufacturing of its various hand sanitizers during the current extreme demand and short supply of those critical products. Hydromer is commercializing a variety of sanitizer solutions, including a US FDA & World Health Organization-mandated “alcohol-based” sanitizer version, which is widely needed across the entire spectrum of healthcare, safety, first response and many other critical functions. Hydromer is also rejuvenating its patented “non-alcohol”, plant-based sanitizing and cleaning product line that can provide enhanced benefits over the traditional alcohol-based products. During the current epidemic and COVID-19 outbreak, Hydromer is working with private and public sector entities, including various State and Local government organizations to supply first responders and essential workers with much needed sanitizing products.

“Hand sanitizers are in incredible demand and although the regulations to manufacture them are in some cases temporarily being eased to address the current massive shortage of alcohol, we also see the World Health Organization (WHO) and the FDA seeking to tighten up specifications to ensure quality and authenticity in the labeling and the proper use of ingredients at the right levels,” said Martin von Dyck, Chief Operating Officer (COO).  “With this in mind, we see that Hydromer’s 40 year track record, as an FDA certified facility and maker of innovative medical technologies for products that serve the Intensive Care Units and nursing homes will bring precision, credibility, and alternatives to those within this emergency response and with future outbreaks,” said Peter M. von Dyck, Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Hydromer is actively seeking partnerships, suppliers and sources of alcohol to ensure a steady supply of hand sanitizers, to the healthcare market. Hydromer has also secured a special permit from the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms). As an essential business worker and qualified healthcare ICU/emergency response support provider, Hydromer continues its manufacturing operations to supply its regular customers with much needed healthcare, ICU and emergency care products during this time of great need.

Hydromer, Inc. is an innovative ISO 9001:2015 technology-focused company engaged in the business of inventing, developing, patenting, licensing, manufacturing and selling hydrophilic polymer-based products for commercial markets including Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Industrial Plastics, Cosmetic and Personal Care. Hydromer also provides highly specialized medical coating services to industry through its FDA registered and ISO 13485:2016 certified Medical Products subsidiary. For the latest information about Hydromer, Inc. and its products, please visit our web site at www.hydromer.com

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