HS Design (HSD) a leading ISO 13485 certified medical healthcare product development firm with over 40 years’ experience has expanded its headquarters. It is now located in Morristown, New Jersey, known as "the military capital of the Americas Revolution," it is a fast-growing city centrally located near major Airports and NYC.  This central location within the hotbed of medical device and pharmaceutical companies further enhances collaboration between HS Design and their clients.

Having outgrown our former barn (office) of 30 years with increased staff and the need for collaborative space, we set out to create a facility that would enhance the work life of our employees, stay true to our culture and meet the increasing needs of our clients. Our previous converted barn office space formulated our culture and thus a two-year search began to find another. Our construction adventure started with an 1860’s barn in desperate need of love. After a year of renovations with a commitment to historic preservation, sustainable design as well as modern architecture, we have to blended the new into the old showcasing the barn culture we love.


HSD worked with both historic and modern architects to create a seamless integration of high-tech labs, meeting rooms and creative space for design to flourish. Keeping with the exposed hand sawn timber frame of the 1800’s and integrating innovative design touches with a massive amount of natural light, we have created the perfect modern barn with space for growth. Incorporated into the new space includes conference rooms, individually suited for both Human Factors usability testing as well as creative explorations. Our central meeting spaces enable collaboration across all disciplines and enhance teamwork. The staff sit atop a full-service shop with both traditional chip-cutting and additive manufacturing which allows designers and engineers to quickly prototype their ideas. Morristown’s upbeat downtown includes convenience to hotels, restaurants and shopping making a perfect location for clients to visit. Please stop by, we’d love to show you around!

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