Dr. Mary Beth Privitera, Research and Human Factors Principal at HS Design and Co-Chair of the AAMI Human Engineering Committee joins hsDNA to introduce her new book titled Applied Human Factors in Medical Device Design.

The book began with a recognition of the new human factors guidance coming out between the FDA, MHRA, and the IUC and understanding how it all fits together. It dawned on Dr. Privitera that there wasn't a comprehensive methodology. The goal and challenge were to create one title which would clear the air and provide direction while highlighting the major areas within the practice of human factors.

"Applied Human Factors in Medical Device Design" describes the contents of a human factors toolbox with in-depth descriptions of both empirical and analytical methodology. The book aims to improve the ability of designers and developers to incorporate human factors principles regarding usability throughout the design development process. The new book, edited by HS Design's Human Factors Principal, Dr. Mary Beth Privitera, M.Design, FIDSA, is internationally known as an expert in medical product design, specifically in the area of applied human factors. She is a principal at HS- Design, responsible for human factors and research.


AAMI's LATEST BOOK: "Applied Human Factors for Medical Device Design" Edited by HSD's Mary Beth Privitera. Listen to the book preview and introduction to the 7 part series on Applied Human Factors in Medical Device Design.