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Hightec MC AG

Hightec MC AG is a state-of-the-art microelectronic manufacturer located in Switzerland, specialized in development and production of:

• Thin films on substrates (e. g. Al203, AlN, glass)
• Submounts for optoelectronics (with eutectic Au/Sn)
• Thin film circuits
• High frequency circuits
• Thin film on LTCC
• Multilayer circuits
• High integrated flexible multilayer circuits on polyimide
• 3D packaging, SWaP (smaller Size, Weight, and Power consumption)
• Flexible RF cables and interconnections
• Superconductive flexible cryo cables
• Assembly and bonding of microcircuits
• Packaging of dies, sensors and MEMS

Hightec is providing flex cables for super conductive applications as well. With the new flex technology, smaller size, weight, and...

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