Force Fiber® Suture (round)
Proprietary coreless braid configuration, developed by Teleflex Medical OEM, enhances the suture’s performance and handling characteristics. It creates a pliable, easy-to-handle orthopedic suture that offers greater tensile strength than polyester and polyblend suture. The suture’s low knot profile allows precise knot placement and a smooth tie down. 

Force Fiber® OrthoTape® Braid
OrthoTape® Braid is flatter than similar tapes on the market. In fact, its profile is 40% thinner! The braid  gently contours and lays flat against the surface. The braid will not pull through tissue or bone as easily as suture of similar size and composition. It is ideal for applications where tissue pull-through may be a concern.

Force Fiber Fusion® Suture
Fusion™ Suture is braided using a proprietary, continuous process that creates seamless transitions from round suture to flat braid and back to round suture. Fusion™ Suture has a more uniform distribution of pressure compared to similar sutures. This may reduce tissue strangulation and a “cutting effect” in applications where tissue pull-through may be concern.

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