You have a great idea for a medical device. You know what the device needs to do. But your R&D resources are involved with other projects; or you may need insight or unbiased opinion. Working together at one of our EPIC Medtec™ Centers (Engineering, Prototyping, Innovation, Collaboration), we can identify challenges and find answers, while controlling concept development and production costs. Our EPIC Medtec™ Centers provide thewhat you need to reduce technical risk, build a market-ready device, and get it to market fast.

We start by learning everything we can about your device concept and its application. Then launch into our proprietary, multi-stage IDEA Medtec™ Process (Innovation, Development, Engineering, Accelerator) that incorporates your requirements early in the concept stage and maintains focus on design for manufacturability.

Now available: Virtual, device development services. Work remotely with our expert team. Secure, interactive platform includes video conferencing. Materials samples and demonstrative prototypes express shipped to your location. 

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