Teleflex Medical OEM, a global leader in fiber-based products, announces the availability of bioabsorbable sutures, yarns, and resins that can be custom-configured to meet the performance requirements for specific applications. The bioabsorbable product portfolio includes: Bondek® Plus and Monodek® sutures; multi-filament yarns constructed of PGA (polyglycolic acid), PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid), and PGLA (poly acid-co-poly-L-lactic acid); and resins of PGA and PLLA.

Teleflex Medical OEM is a full-service, product development partner for projects employing bioabsorbable materials. It can take a project from resin to yarn to component to suture by utilizing vertically-integrated, in-house capabilities, which include:

  • Development of new co-polymer compositions based on absorption rate requirements
  • In-house blending and compounding to achieve specifications for antimicrobial characteristics, lubricity, and radiopacity
  • An extensive portfolio of materials, sizes, PIC counts, coatings, deniers, colors, and patterns used to develop new suture and yarn designs


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