New HQ in Thousand Oaks, California to serve corporate team, sales and marketing and provide design center for technology and product development with medical device implant firms

Thousand Oaks, CA.ECA Medical Instruments, the leading designer and manufacturer of single-procedure torque-limiting and fixed-driver surgical instruments and procedural kits for the medical industry and surgeons worldwide, announced today it has moved into a new corporate headquarters building here. The HQ facility is located at 2193 Anchor Court one block from biotech giant Amgen and in the Ventura County region of southern California which features a large number of medical device and biopharma firms and a large pool of highly experienced professionals and skilled manufacturing talent.

The recently remodeled facility will house the company’s corporate executives as well as sales, marketing and product development teams. The building, which harbors over 24,000 square feet under one roof, includes ECA’s new design center of excellence and product development laboratory. The design center and lab features state of the art equipment and facilities permitting both ECA and customer design and engineering teams to collaborate on developing new single-procedure surgical instruments and surgical kits for the medical device implant market.

“Our company expansion allows us to scale rapidly to meet the pent up demand for our surgical instruments and procedural kits in the U.S., off-shore and in emerging markets,” said John Nino, ECA’s president and chief executive officer. “This new facility augments our existing FDA registered manufacturing site located just blocks away and provides space for our sales and marketing team and a world class design center for our product development group to create the industry’s next generation of single-procedure surgical instruments and procedural kits,” he said.

ECA makes a complete portfolio of disposable torque-limiting and fixed-driver surgical instruments and multi-instrument surgical kits used to secure screws, fasteners and connectors for cardiac rhythm management (CRM), neuromodulation, cardiovascular and orthopaedic implants. The company is a strategic supplier to major medical implant manufacturers worldwide including developers of pacemakers, defibrillators, ventricle assist devices and essentially every type of orthopaedic implant including spine, small bone, extremities, trauma, cranial-maxillofacial, knee, hip, shoulder and general reconstruction products.

ECA’s precision single-use surgical instruments and kits are in high demand as device makers, hospitals and surgeons work to solve current safety and financial challenges posed by using reusable instrument sets. The company provides off-the-shelf as well as modified standard and full custom instruments and surgical kits. The firm’s Rapid Instrument Customization (RIC) program allows OEM implant makers to work in full collaboration with ECA’s design and new product introduction team to quickly create unique instruments and also convert existing reusable instruments and designs to contemporary and cost effective disposable products. Major surgical instrument product lines are:

  • Precision torque-limiting instruments from 1 oz./in. to 10 Nm (90 lb./in.)
  • Fixed-Driver instruments including new Wick Away® technology products
  • Surgical procedure kits for orthopaedic implants
  • Sterile-ready and sterile-pack solutions

ECA surgical instruments and kits may be purchased off-the-shelf for private label or OEMs may work with the ECA design team to collaborate on modified standard or full custom configurations.

About ECA Medical Instruments

ECA Medical Instruments, an American Capital (NASDAQ: ACAS) company, was founded in 1979 and located in southern California. ECA is the industry leader in single-procedure torque-limiting instruments and procedural kits. The company has manufactured and delivered over 20 million precision torque instruments to the world’s leading producers of CRM, neuromodulation, cardiovascular and orthopaedic implants resulting in over 500 million precision surgical actuations. Every 22 seconds of everyday an ECA torque instrument is used to secure a medical implant—one patient at a time. ECA is an ISO 13485, CE Mark certified and FDA registered company and was named Business of the Year 2012 by the Pacific Coast Business Times. Find out more at our web site