Our highly reliable fixed and variable volume dispense pumps are ideal for positive fluid displacement applications where fine control over the dispense resolution is critical. Boasting high precision volumetric aspirating and dispensing, exceptional accuracy, and an extensive life, these maintenance-free pumps are also customizable and 100% tested to ensure reliable, consistent, long-term performance. 

Our fixed volume dispense pumps are solenoid-driven, chemically inert positive displacement pumps which provide accurate and repeatable dispense volumes ranging from 10 to 175 µL in a small, lightweight package. Their electrical operation is simple - the pumps aspirate fluid when energized and dispense fluid when de-energized. Integrated check valves, together with our unique housing design and diaphragm seal interface, prevent siphoning when the dispense point is positioned above the fluid reservoir.

Variable volume dispense pumps are stepper motor-driven pumps providing full dispense volumes ranging from 50 to 3000 µL. They use a unique drivetrain design to aspirate a volume of fluid accurately and then dispense that fluid volume out in smaller increments. These pumps are available in a single seal or dual seal configuration for improved sealing performance when flowing aggressive fluids. Each pump is equipped with a home sensor to establish the end of stroke position. In some models, an optical motor encoder is included to provide feedback on piston movement.

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