Born out of the inkjet printing industry and now widely used in lab automation systems for precision droplet dispensing, our dispensing valves are designed to reliably and accurately dispense small amounts of fluid, from microliter down to nanoliter volumes. The compact design enables dispensing valves to be easily integrated into the tightest spaces; you can dispense directly into arrays of standard well plates or spray with precision onto substrates High pressure and high-temperature capabilities allow viscous fluids to be accurately dispensed, and chemically inert materials increase compatibility with a variety of fluids.

Isolation valves are used when aggressive fluids come into play. Available in diaphragm or pinch tube models, these valves are engineered so that the sensitive internal solenoid components are separated from the flow path. This dramatically extends the lifespan of your instrument without compromising performance and reliability. Lee isolation valves come in 2-way or 3-way designs and in multiple mounting styles, providing engineers with flexibility for integration into the smallest space possible. The low internal volume and fast switching response of these valves make them easy to flush between cycles for efficient fluid control.

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