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Actuators convert energy into motion. These devices provide motion control in medical devices, such as CT scanners and laser positioning equipment. Source actuators and other motion control solutions from qualified suppliers to the medical device and diagnostics industry in this directory.

Companies (9 results)

Providence Enterprise

Providence Enterprise

Company Description Providence Enterprise is a Hong Kong medical device contract manufacturer of Class I and II medi...

Johnson Medtech

A trusted partner with medical device manufactures and OEMs for critical electromachanical medical device subsystems and medi...

Advanced Motion Controls

Provides high-performance servo drives used to control ac and dc brushless, dc brush-type, linear, and rotary m...

Bimba Manufacturing Company

Bimba Manufacturing provides pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric solutions, including a variety of stainless...

Dexter Magnetic Technologies

With 15+ years of experience serving the medical market, Dexter is the recognized leader in magnetic solu...

White Engineering Surfaces Corporation

White Engineering Surfaces Corporation is a woman owned, world class supplier in the appli...

Johnson Matthey Piezo Products GmbH

We design and manufacture piezoelectric ceramics, components and piezo systems with electronic ...

JW Winco Inc.

Supplies metric and inch standard parts, including adjustable levers; cabinet U-handles; revolving and retractable handles; hand...

Morai Motion

Morai Motion designs electric mini and micro linear actuators for motion control in small spaces. There are a wide variety of opt...

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