XBiotech launches a new ultra-low-cost Cetec ERP manufacturing and accounting web-based business suite

AUSTIN, TX (January 24, 2024) XBiotech, a pharmaceutical producer known for its monoclonal antibody products, has successfully launched a new ultra-low-cost Cetec ERP manufacturing and accounting web-based business suite.

XBiotech had been looking for a new ERP solution specifically tailored to manufacturing with a strong emphasis on inventory control, traceability, accounting processes, and quality management. Important criteria for selecting a system were ease of use, quick implementation, and cost effectiveness.

Before launching Cetec ERP, XBiotech had struggled to find a good fit with an ERP partner. The company recognized the need to move away from the limitations of a paper-only system, but their first ERP partnership was not meeting their needs. The prior system was sluggish, customer support was lacking, and the cost was high.

“The cost at our scale was astronomical. I had to ration out licenses,” recalls Mike Cavalier, senior director of manufacturing at XBiotech. “With Cetec, those problems are solved.” With affordable licenses, far more team members at XBiotech can contribute, from the production floor to the C-Suite. The increase in input has meant a sharp increase in accuracy and efficiency across the board.

The previous platform’s click-and-wait performance has been replaced by a cloud-native, web-based interaction. XBiotech no longer needs to use a remote desktop interaction. “It's quicker. It's faster. We're very pleased with how the data is being provided back to us,” Mike reports.

The customer service has also been greatly improved since XBiotech switched to Cetec ERP. “The implementation has been going quite well. It took me about 30 days to achieve with you what it took me a year to achieve with the prior partner,” Mike added. “We were a paper-based company moving into electronic systems. We didn’t even know what we needed.”

"We are proud to work with manufacturers like XBioTech and offer them a full-suite, out of the box product that helps solve so many real-world problems. And at a price-point that's approachable for small and medium-sized manufacturers,” comments Tanner Rogers, senior consultant at Cetec ERP. “We are excited about XBiotech’s success and looking forward to supporting them in their growth."

Cetec ERP works with numerous other medical device and surgical technology manufacturers and understands the challenges of traceability and auditing that these companies face every day.

About XBiotech

XBiotech is pioneering the discovery and development of targeted antibodies based on its True Human™ technology. The company’s mission is to rethink the way antibody medicines are discovered and commercialized by advancing its robust pipeline of truly natural human antibodies for treating serious diseases such as inflammatory conditions like rheumatology, infectious disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Learn more about XBiotech and their innovative products at www.xbiotech.com.

About Cetec ERP

Since 2015, Cetec ERP has independently migrated hundreds of businesses off legacy technology platforms like Oracle and NetSuite onto a new generation of lower cost cloud-based ERP technology, saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. The company is ISO certified. Learn more about Cetec ERP and their advanced manufacturing software solutions at www.cetecerp.com.

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