Cetec ERP releases an updated software version that includes Order Batching

AUSTIN, TX (January 3, 2024) Cetec ERP, a leading cloud-based ERP software provider, has released an updated software version that includes Order Batching. The feature allows users to group work orders together as a batch by keying in or scanning an order number and is included in all existing and new Cetec ERP systems.

On the new Batch view screen, time can be logged to the batch, then split equally across all associated work orders within the batch. Additionally, the work order location allows users to update the production status of the batch, which will automatically update the individual work orders, keeping complete, real-time data on the production floor. Materials can subsequently be issued (or picked) to a batch in proportion to the quantity needed for that material for each batched work order, providing accurate inventory management, and maintaining critical lot traceability.

The order batch feature is particularly useful for process manufacturers in medical device or life sciences, such as pharma, in setting up and managing “campaigns” or production runs, as you might encounter in a plastics manufacturing company. Critical inspection and inventory traceability data will still be managed and stored at the work order level. Batches can be created across sales orders, customers, or within the same project, giving flexibility for production processing and scheduling jobs by like materials or any other desired parameters.

Cetec ERP continues to innovate for small and mid-sized manufacturers to pragmatically address time-consuming tasks, making complicated processes simpler and more streamlined for busy, often stressed, production managers. The new feature streamlines work order batch management as well as overall production management in manufacturing and provides additional time savings.

Figure 1:  Image shows a 'batch' of distinct work orders grouped together. This screen is where a production manager can search and add work orders and move them to the next step in production.

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Since 2015, Cetec ERP has independently migrated hundreds of companies off legacy technology platforms like Oracle and NetSuite onto a new generation of lower cost cloud-based ERP technology, saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. The company is ISO certified.

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