ASAHI INTECC - Fukuroi, Japan and Santa Ana, CA – March 26th, 2015 - Asahi Intecc - GMA, a manufacturer of microcatheter tubing, as well as polymer shafts, extruded tubings, thin PTFE liners, and fluoropolymer and thermoplastic coatings for vascular delivery systems.

The Asahi InteccGMA proprietary continuous polymer shaft manufacturing concept empowers catheter and delivery system manufacturers to streamline procurement of individually extruded shafts for each flexible section.  For example, using hand assembly methods to extrude a catheter shaft perhaps five (5) extruded shafts of different durometers may be necessary to achieve the shaft flexibility transition.  Furthermore, when considering the actual assembly of these (5) polymer tubes, which consists of cutting to length, aligning each polymer tube in order and shrinking the extrusions to fit, assembly by hand is costly in terms of  both time and material cost.  While every polymer shaft fabrication project is different, Asahi InteccGMA has estimated up to 3 times labor, manufacturing, and material cost savings and half the work time when extruding the one piece multi-flexpolymer tube and comparing to the costs of extruding the multi-piece array of hand assembled polymer shafts.

 While the length of flexibility may be precisely controlled with hand assembled tubing, the Asahi InteccGMA multi-flex polymer shafts, without the hassle of manually connecting awkwardly fitting joints, offer a smooth transition of stiffness as the seamless flexibility along the length of the Asahi Intecc plastic tube naturally and gradually changes.

Asahi Intecc-GMA polymer shafts of variable flexibility complement twenty years of experience with braid reinforcement capabilities in SS 304, SS 316, Tungsten, and Nylon.  PTFE liners are also offered on our components, which allow chemical etching on the Asahi Intecc multi-segmented flexible tube or any stainless, nitinol, or polymer tube as thin as 10 microns.  For more information contact

[email protected]or 949.756.8252.

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