SmartDose® 10 On-Body Delivery SystemAdaptive technology for large dose volumes
Advances in therapeutic proteins have helped to create new and more targeted drug products for a variety of issues. However, higher viscosities may not allow for conventional delivery due to the need for longer injection times to reduce patient discomfort. The SmartDose® 10 On-Body Delivery System (OBDS) consists of a battery-powered, wearable on-body injector with a separate, pre-fillable, polymer based cartridge that is filled with the drug product. The OBDS incorporates human factors and usability testing to deliver a truly patient-centric approach to self-administration. The SmartDose® 10 OBDS leverages the success of our SmartDose® 3.5 OBDS. With a dose volume of up to 10mL, the SmartDose® 10 OBDS can adapt to a variety of drug delivery needs

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