Perkasie, Penna. – September 25, 2013- To demonstrate Secant Medical's commitment to biomaterials research and development, Josh Simon, Ph.D, Business Development Manager at Secant Medical, will be giving a presentation at the BioInterface 2013 Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Simon will discuss matching third-generation biomaterials with textile engineering to create structures that repair, recover and regenerate the body at the event’s Applied Technology Workshops on Monday October 7th at 3:00pm.

“At Secant Medical, the end goal is to facilitate the creation of structures that improve the long-term chronic biologic response by reducing inflammation, preventing secondary procedures, and enabling the body to regenerate on its own,” said Dr. Simon. “This generation of new biomaterials presents a value proposition that cannot be ignored in today’s healthcare environment, and I am excited to share what our company is developing in this area.”

During his presentation Dr. Simon will touch on the customizable properties, platforms and regenerative medicine applications of a new bioelastomer being developed by Secant Medical. He will also tie together how the company’s focus on biomaterials and expertise in textile engineering can lead to the creation of regenerative structures for surgical mesh, heart valves, tendons and ligament repair, and nerve regeneration.

About BioInterface 2013: The BioInterface 2013 annual conference is an event held by the Surfaces in Biomaterials Foundation to connect, share and learn about the field of biomaterial’s science. Through two days of technical sessions, attendees will be enriched by science and high quality interaction with a blend of industry, academic, regulatory and clinical participants.

About Secant Medical: Secant Medical® designs and manufactures biomedical textiles and other structures for medical devices. Employing medical fabric engineering technologies, we blend polymeric, metallic and resorbable biomaterials to create custom, high-performance structures that are used in the cardiovascular, general surgery, neurovascular, orthopedic and regenerative medicine fields. Built on a 70-year history, we’re committed to the future of biomaterials and their role in the healing process and are actively engaged in research partnerships to advance next-generation biomaterial development. Secant Medical is a business unit of Fenner PLC, a worldwide leader in reinforced polymer engineering headquartered in Yorkshire, England. For more information, contact Maria Fontanazza at 215-257-8680 x2192 or [email protected]; or visit



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