Secant Group announces that it has reached another milestone - its 75th anniversary

Telford, PA November 14, 2018 - Secant Group is proud to announce that we have reached another milestone in our lengthy company history.  November 2018 marks the 75th anniversary of our company.  Our rich heritage of innovation began with engineering textile structures back in the mid-1940s.  Prodesco, our legacy company, had a long history of developing technical materials for space exploration, including supporting some of the earliest moon missions. Today our antenna mesh is deployed on several commercial and US government satellite missions enabling the observation of the earth’s ecosystem; high-speed broadband connectivity on land, sea, and in the air; and a variety of classified information gathering satellite operations.

As pioneers in early implantable medical fabric structures, Secant Group developed some of the first vascular grafts and resorbable mesh materials still in use today.  We continued to advance the science of biomaterials with critical components for transcatheter heart valves and engineered novel braided components for neurovascular flow diversion.

This same tradition of innovation continues today. In the medical arena, we’re bridging the technologies of traditional biomedical textiles with regenerative medicine to create high-performance materials that help medical technology to improve the quality of life.  To further support our customers, Secant Group expanded by creating a sister company, SanaVIta Medical, to provide contract manufacturing and medical device finishing services to help streamline their supply chain.

In our industrial markets, we are actively driving the next generation of innovative custom-engineered textiles and material solutions to impact industries ranging from energy to space.

Jeff Robertson, President of the Secant Group, explains that the company’s success is the result of long-lasting customer partnerships.  “We are grateful that our customers trust us to help them bring advanced technologies and better products to market.  Their demands and challenges have pushed us to explore new advanced biomaterials and innovative engineering concepts from polymers to extrusion to textile structures.  Our success story would be incomplete without the partnerships we have developed with our customers.”

About Secant Group, LLC:

Secant Group engineers medical textiles and biomedical structures that enable repair, recovery, and regeneration of the human body. Using advanced polymers, metals and composites, Secant Group partners with OEMs to design, develop, and manufacture implantable structures for medical devices that improve the quality of life for patients.

About SanaVIta Medical:

 SanaVita Medical® is a fully integrated contract manufacturer for medical devices.  With expertise in advanced biomaterials and textile engineering, SanaVita can solve complex technical challenges and provide unique solutions that improve patient outcomes.  In partnership with Secant Group, SanaVita is exclusively positioned to bridge the gap between device design and manufacturing throughout the device development process.

Contact Information:

Diane Reitter – Director, Marketing

Email:  [email protected]     Phone:  215-257-8680 (X130)

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