The Life Science Group, Sartorius, introduces the Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution laboratory balance, a new addition to the Cubis® II portfolio of premium laboratory balances.

Göttingen, June 28th, 2023

  • Outstanding weighing performance supported by new weighing system guarantees faster results and improved specifications.
  • Easy and intuitive guided cleaning process thanks to chemically resistant surfaces and the new Cleaning QApp as part of compliance and SOPs.
  • Built-in upgradeability option for hardware features, such as automatic draft shield, ionizer and climate module provide investment security.


The Life Science Group, Sartorius, introduces the Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution laboratory balance, a new addition to the Cubis® II portfolio of premium laboratory balances. This new offering addresses fundamental challenges in lab weighing by providing customers with superior adaptability to environmental factors, easy and intuitive cleaning workflows, and flexible hardware upgradeability.

The Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution laboratory balance is a high-capacity microbalance featuring innovative design elements that ensure stable and reliable performance and low minimum sample weight over the entire weighing range. Additionally, specially designed sample holders are available to enable ergonomic sample weighing in workflows where using a standard pan is not feasible. Included are also the key features of the Cubis® family: modularity, compliance, connectivity, and digital data management, either directly through onsite ELN/LIMS connectivity, or indirectly through Sartorius' Ingenix Suite.

Environmental factors are one of the main sources of weigh measurement inconsistency in the laboratory. The Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution laboratory balance uses innovative lab weighing technology, including a next-generation monolith weighing system (invented by Sartorius), to enable faster weighing results, improved specifications, and quick adjustment to variable environmental factors. Built-in intelligent compensating systems automatically manage changes in temperature, humidity, and air pressure to further ensure measurement stability and precision in every laboratory.

“Cleaning the balance is always a customer pain point. It’s a routine task that has to be done often and correctly to be sure the balance performs optimally and stays compliant. That’s why cleanability was a key requirement in the design of this balance,” says Eszter Paldy, Manager of Product Management Premium Weighing Solutions. “Not only does the new Cleaning QApp take you through every step with clear illustrations, the balance components are easy to take apart and reassemble.”

With the Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution platform, cleaning has never been easier. The balances are easy to disassemble and built using durable, chemically resistant components. Thanks to the new Cleaning QApp software application, the cleaning process can be easily managed and is now part of compliance. In addition, the Pharma Package includes all the technical controls to support compliance with current regulations without the need for additional software.

Unique to the Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution platform is built-in upgradability that allows customers to add not only software, but also hardware features to their existing unit after purchase. There is also the option of upgrading the motorized draft shield and ionizer on the Cubis® II MCA Ultra-High Resolution Balance version. The possibility to add features, such as a climate module, provides a new level of flexibility for laboratory balances, as well as investment security.

“This idea of a future-proof lab balance is a new concept in lab weighing. As a customer, it’s hard to predict what you will need in the future. So, you either have to spend more upfront to purchase a fully loaded balance with features you may never use, or shop for a new balance when your needs change down the line,” adds Paldy. “Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution balances are game-changing in the sense that you can buy the balance you need now, and upgrade the same unit later to add new hardware capabilities.”

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