Seems like there’s a smart device app for everything these days. A lot of them are amusing, some are confusing and many of them just seem plain dumb. However, hidden amongst the thousands of these little programs are some that are actually useful in our daily jobs, making us more efficient and helping us solve real problems.

Uson’s new Leak Calculator app is a program that installs on your iPhone or Android device that helps you calculate leak rates, and cycle time. It also includes conversions for pressure and flow units of measure, covering 10 different pressure units and 6 measurements of flow. Best of all, it is FREE.


Leak Calculator – Pocket Edition is a multi-platform smart device app for your phone or tablet! From the world’s most experienced leak and flow test company. Our easy to use trusted adviser series cycle time estimator has now been configured for your Apple iOS and the Android.

Need to estimate production rate for your leak tested parts based on known testing specifications? Then this application is for you… Great resource for leak detection engineers, technicians, systems integrators and production people.






Benefits & Features:

  1. Solve for Total Cycle Time
  2. Solve Part Volume
  3. Solve Leak Rate
  4. Solve for Expected Pressure Change
  5. Solve for Test Time
  6. Solve for Leak Rate
  7. Common Pressure Unit Converter
  8. Common Flow Unit Converter
  9. Pressure Decay Cycle Time
  10. Calculation for Part Volume Size
  11. Selectable Engineering Units.

This is a wonderful little tool that will be of great benefit to anyone involved with leak testing – it’s simple to use fast and will get you going.

It’s intended to let you establish a basic leak test cycle as you set up a test. From there on you would fine-tune the settings using the leak tester in the usual way. No need to be in front of a computer or perform long hand calculations anymore – hooray!

It’s the only app out there that is designed for production line leak testing. Look out for more useful apps from Uson.

View the user interface and links for downloading here.