Uson is pleased to announce the availability of an electronic regulator option for the 628.

Uson’s 628 leak tester is ideal for testing a wide range of components using the differential pressure decay and differential vacuum decay methods. Originally designed with a manual pressure regulator, the 628 performs well with simple and single test pressure criteria. However, many 628 users were interested in the capability to test a single part at multiple test pressures in a controlled sequence. In response to this need, Uson is pleased to announce the availability of an electronic regulator option for the 628.

The electronic regulator enhances the capability of the 628 leak tester in addition to the manual regulator version. It retains the ability to test up to thirty (30) programs, which can be created and stored in the instrument’s memory for fast recall of test parameters, and users can still choose from five different pressure ranges, from vacuum up to 225 psi (15 bar), making it useful for a wide range of industries and applications.

Where the 628 stands apart is with its new electronic pressure regulator option, which is required for applications that need to test at multiple test pressures. The 628 can be programmed to test a part at different test pressures or in a linked sequence of test programs, serving to further the automation of the test sequence. The electronic regulator ranges are available for test pressures from vacuum up to 225 psi. Another benefit with the electronic regulator is that it adds an increased level of security. It is only accessible through the programming interface and can be locked and safeguarded to prevent unintended changes. This is a significant advantage over a manual regulator, which can be adjusted from the back of the instrument.

Additionally enhancements to the 628 include a fast fill option that improves fill time for large volumes, comp/cal capability, additional quick connect options, and a Spanish language option.

The Uson 628 leak tester is perfect for applications that might lack complexity, but still require reliable technology that delivers accurate and repeatable results.


Uson’s 628 leak tester delivers uncompromising precision and accuracy. The 628 also gives users the ability to:

Reduce the likelihood of product deviations or recall issues through early identification of leak

Choose from five different pressure ranges from vacuum up to 15 bar to cover a wide range of applications from medical check valves to automotive radiators and more

Create and save up to 30 test programs for fast recall

Select the electronic regulator option, which allows multiple test pressures (pre-fill option as standard)

At Uson, we work closely with our customers to understand their unique and changing needs. We combine this insight with the knowledge of cutting-edge technologies to predict the future needs of our customers and their industries.

Uson’s experienced and knowledgeable engineers ensure each customer receives increased testing speed, sensitivity, and repeatability. As a pioneer of automated leak testing equipment for medical devices, medical packaging, automotive, pharmaceutical, and industrial home appliance industries, and others, Uson has more experience in these specialized fields than any other company in the world.