“The Science INSIDE” Series Teaches Engineers How to Use Porous Polymer Solutions to Maximize Product Performance

 Porex will launch its “The Science INSIDE” monthly educational webinar series later this month to explain the science behind porous polymer technologies and how design and manufacturing engineers can utilize the appropriate material components to improve product performance.

The new webinar series will explore the different types of porous polymer technologies and the critical functionalities they can provide for myriad applications across healthcare, cosmetics, electronics, industrial, and other key industries.

Porex, a global leader in porous polymer solutions, will kick off the series on August 27, with the premiere episode highlighting the unique capabilities of sintered particle components. While episodes have been scheduled through December, the series will add episodes on a monthly basis.

Avi Robbins, vice president of global product development & R&D for Porex, will lead the 45-min. episodes and participate in a live Q&A at the conclusion of each discussion where engineers can ask questions about specific applications.

“Porous polymers play an unseen, yet crucial, role in many of the items we use every day,” said Robbins. “These materials provide internal functions including absorption, application, wicking, diffusion, filtration and venting so that products – from whiteboard markers and protection vents to medical devices and in vitro diagnostic tests – can become more innovative and their performance optimized in their respective industries. I look forward to educating more engineers on the power of these materials so that they can turn their product ideas into reality.”

The webinars are geared for any design and manufacturing engineer who is working on a new product concept or needs help solving a design challenge with an existing product.

The series, launching with five episodes this year, will feature:

·        Aug. 27, 11 a.m. ET – Passport to Performance: Maximizing Device Capabilities with Sintered Particles

One of the key types of porous polymers, sintered particle materials are engineered from various polymers with controlled pore sizes to provide outstanding strength, durability, chemical resistance, resiliency, and design flexibility across multiple applications. Learn how to determine the best material and characteristics for your application.

·        Sept. 24, 11 a.m. ET – Stronger Together: Bonded Fiber for Fluid Management

Bonded fiber is made in a similar fashion to sintered particles but uses fibrous strands instead of particles. Learn more about this technology that features optimized capillary structures that can be made from countless polymers and can make the critical difference in your fluid transfer application.

·        Oct. 23, 11 a.m. ET – Redefining the Capabilities of Foam with Open-Cell Technology

Challenge what you know about foam and discover the unique manufacturing process of open-cell foam and how to determine the material and characteristics your product design needs.

·        Nov. 19, 11 a.m. ET – Decoding your Venting Needs: Which Materials Work Best?

Know how to identify whether you need a venting solution and become an expert on which venting materials enable your devices to perform at their best. 

·        Dec. 11, 11 a.m. ET – Wicking Workshop: Tips and Tricks for Better Function

Find out how wicking works across multiple types of applications in order to understand what type of wicking solution – including material, technology and characteristics – is best suited for your application.

Click here to register for the free webinars and check out upcoming episodes, and learn more about porous polymer solutions by visiting porex.com.