Whether in medical technology, environmental protection/analysis, in the laboratory or process engineering, many applications are today unthinkable without the use of mechanically driven diaphragm pumps for gases. Their particular properties such as oil-free, maintenance-free and uncontaminated operation make them suitable for numerous fields of application. Despite their wide distribution, they are treated only marginally, if at all, in the general literature and, up until now, there has been neither a general account nor a comprehensive summary account of these pumps.

The intention of this book is to fill this gap and provide an overview of the diaphragm pumps with mechanical drive. In addition, examples of applications and advice concerning selection of the right pump are included in the subject matter.

This book will serve to inform and stimulate both the engineer constructively working on design plans, and the engineer undergoing training.

Table of Contents:
1  Introduction
1.1  A brief glimpse of the past
1.2  A systematic classification of diaphragm pumps with a mechanical diaphragm drive for gases
2.  Design, function and properties of diaphragm pumps for gases
2.1  Design and function of different types of diaphragm pumps
2.1.1  Diaphragm pumps with eccentric drive
2.1.2  Diaphragm pumps with magnetic vibrator systems
2.2  Characteristics of diaphragm pumps
2.3  Fundamentals concerning diaphragms and valves
2.3.1  Diaphragms
2.3.2  Valves
2.4  Regulation of flow rates
2.5  Connection of double-headed pumps
2.6  The development of noise
2.7  Service life of diaphragm pumps
3.  Types of diaphragms
3.1  Basic design
3.1.1  Flat diaphragms
3.1.2  Molded diaphragms
3.1.3  Structured diaphragms
3.1.4  Summary comparison of the flat diaphragm, the molded diaphragm and the structured diaphragm
3.2  Other types of diaphragms
3.2.1  Convoluted diaphragms
3.2.2  Wave diaphragms
3.2.3  Diaphragm with PTFE coating
4.  Special types of diaphragm pumps
4.1  Diaphragm pumps with low leak rates
4.2  Double diaphragm pumps
4.3  Corrosion-resistant diaphragm pumps
4.4  Temperature-resistant diaphragm pumps
4.5  Heated diaphragm pumps
5.  Appendix: High-speed liquid diaphragm pumps
6.  Applications
7.  Advice concerning the selection of a pump
8.  References
9.  Bibliography